Month: March 2023

Russian Losses – March 1

About 650 occupiers were eliminated in a day! Total estimated Russian losses during a full-scale invasion of Ukraine: - personnel ‒ about 149,890 (+650) people were liquidated,- tanks ‒ 3395 (+7) units,- armored fighting vehicles ‒ 6,638 (+8) units,- artillery systems – 2393 (+10) units,- RSZV – 479 (+1) units,- air defense equipment ‒ 247 units,- planes – 300 units,- helicopters – 288 units,- UAV of operational-tactical level – 2055 (+4),- cruise missiles ‒ 873…

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Surveillance Crimea

ATESH agents conduct reconnaissance in Crimea. The geography of the application of the ATESH movement is very extensive.The Crimea is of particular interest to us, as extremely important events await all of us there in the near future. Not the last role in which ATESH will play. In the meantime, we do not sleep, we are actively working, preparing the ground for subsequent operations and continuously conducting reconnaissance. ATESH agents are constantly improving their combat…

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Japan imposes sanctions on RU – NoName057(16) DDoS Paj Oil

Feb 15-Mar 1 Japan has imposed sanctions against 48 individuals and 73 organizations from Russia. нефтяной ассоциации PAJ Their assets in Japan will be frozen, and financial transactions will be limited.The sanctions list includes the president of the Kalashnikov concern, Alan Lushnikov, and Russian Deputy Defense Minister Viktor Goremykin, a number of employees of the General Staff, and employees of the presidential administration.Let's go to Japan and put the website of the PAJ Oil Association:…

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