There are 12 people left from the platoon! The mobilized were thrown into a murderous assault

Again, we see the conversion of soldiers who were sentenced to death by mediocre commanders! The men were called up as part of the territorial defense in the Belgorod region, and then they were taken to the DPR. There, the documents were taken away from the fighters and, without intelligence, communications and training, they were thrown into a deadly attack!

At the same time, the mobilized do not have military training – they are yesterday’s builders, drivers, managers. Many of them are over the age of 40 with chronic diseases.

The commander in charge of the guys refuses to carry out criminal orders and lead them to certain death. After all, only a handful of soldiers survived from the entire company.

It is bitter to realize that the Irkutsk mobilized wrote down the same appeals, and now they are all dead. And here history repeats itself…

The fighters from the 1439th regiment turned to Vladimir Putin for the third time because they had no chance to survive with such vile commanders. Unfortunately, this did not work, and the soldiers were thrown to the slaughter near Avdiivka. The governor of the Irkutsk region, Igor Kobzev, who promised to transfer unprepared guys from the assault squad, did not keep his word!

The blood of our brothers is on his hands!

“We are expendable”

The mobilized from Irkutsk assure that they are being sent to be slaughtered. They turned to Putin with complaints about the lawlessness of the army. The fighters claim that an assault brigade was blinded from their territorial defense detachment in just one day.

The video message was published by the People of Baikal publication (blocked by Roskomnadzor).

The servicemen also reported that representatives of the local command did not tell them their ranks and surnames. The commanders from the DPR, the statement says, fire from machine guns and infantry fighting vehicles at mobilized soldiers, as they refuse to join the assault squads.

“We ask for help. There is nowhere else to turn,” the military said in an appeal.

A soldier from the regiment 1439, whom the governor of the Irkutsk region Igor Kobzev promised to transfer, was sent to storm the Adveevsky fortified area.

“We sent the 1st and 2nd battalions. We were waiting for a transfer to the defense, but we are not being transferred anywhere. Nothing has changed at all, although we really hoped,” the military relatives were told tonight.

The promise to “keep the situation under control” Kobzev did not fulfill, and here is the result. It seems that in order for the authorities to help, you have to be Shoigu’s countryman and write down appeals in the Tuvan language! The infamous jackals have forgotten that they can escape human judgment – but not from the punishment of Allah!

After that, the military say, they were sent “for slaughter”, without any support, to capture the fortified area.

They say that they have huge losses: if the enemy did not kill on the battlefield, then they will shoot their own for refusing to go into meat assaults without support or cover. And their jackals-commanders at this time are far from the front and do not orient themselves in a combat situation at all.

Relatives of the mobilized told about the grief that had happened, reporting the destruction of almost the entire regiment. More than 1400 soldiers were killed.

“Mine called back – fragmentation, in the hospital. He says that nothing was left of the regiment. So far, only two of the wounded are known, the rest either died or were thrown there in a difficult situation. They will give him only a week! wounded soldier.

You can’t send soldiers to death with one hand and feed those who betray it with the other.

“Every kingdom divided against itself will be desolate, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.” Matthew 12:25

Total lies and criminal orders from the shaitans in our command are destroying Russian soldiers more than the attacks of the Ukrainians! And this time, the creatures will hide the truth from our president!

As long as the vile commanders do not begin to bear punishment, we will continue to lose fighters!

By Treadstone 71

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