A sophomoric series of called-in bomb threats by the National Hackers of Russia

The results of our today’s work in Lithuania.





Our cyber-operation “Visa” in Lithuania continues. We will continue to destabilize the Lithuanian services further. Until they resume issuing visas for Russians and stop violating their rights and freedom.

Already yesterday we completed our first operation in Lithuania. We are responsible for the evacuation of buildings of government departments. We have destabilized all the special services of Lithuania throughout the week.

Many people know about us, many media write about us. But the visa operation did not achieve its result, but we notably destabilized the services of Lithuania. But it is coming to an end and ahead will be Operation DIE POLAND against the Polish government.

The results of our operation in Lithuania:

We declare total war on Poland. We announce the beginning of our Operation “DIE POLAND”.

Its goal is to destabilize the police and state authorities every day. There are many reasons for such an operation, the transfer of weapons to Ukraine, support for Ukrainian Nazism, unfair sanctions against Russia and many other reasons.

Poland still does not thank Russia for the fact that one day she saved her ass. And now this ungrateful NATO whore also supports the enemy of Russia, it’s a shame to help after such a thing.

Operation “Visa” is terminated. Unfortunately, the goals were not met. But we dealt a huge blow to the destabilization of the authorities and the police in Lithuania.

Now we have another goal and will soon begin to achieve it. Enemies of Russia, prepare your asses, hell awaits you ahead, but from the beginning you will suffer here.

By Treadstone 71

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