Month: December 2022

Essential CheatSheets

PDF Format hPing-1Download Metasploit-1Download Metasploit_command-1Download Windows_Incident_Response-1Download PowerShell-1Download Linux_Security-1Download Linux_Command-1Download SSH-1Download Iptables-1Download VI-1Download Reverse_Engineering_Malware-1Download FTP-1Download 20_critical_control-1Download wireshark-1Download NMAP-1Download internetworking-1Download IPv6-1Download OSI_protocol-1Download status_code-1Download port-1Download IPv4_subnetting-1Download

Erotic chicken fantasies from the self proclaimed Шеф

The hot air of Putin's souffle has been removed from the ovenInfighting, Infighting signpost signals the slide towards Putins end The head of "Wagner's Orchestra" Zhenya Prigozhin, after the media…

Russian occupiers continue their terror against peaceful citizens of Ukraine

DECEMBER 29: A MASSIVE MISSILE ATTACK WAS REFUSED!--------------------------The Russian occupiers continue their terror against peaceful citizens of Ukraine, attacking the critical infrastructure of our country. Thus, on December 29, the…

FSB and GRU agents uncovered Yevgeny Prigozhin’s troll factory

In Russia, another scandal involving Putin's chef clearly has its origins in the offices of the GRU. GRU agents leak Yevgeny Prigozhin's troll factory Another scandal involving such a gray…

Russian Narratives changing as the «victorious» occupying forces were retreating

Specialists of the Center for Countering Disinformation identified 7 main directions and examined in chronological order the change in the rhetoric of the main propagandists and mass media in Russia.

We stand with the women and people of Iran

ما در کنا ر زنان و مردم ایران هستیم.Iran Database's Hackedhttps://www.rclinic.ir ما به حمله خود به سایت ها و بانک های دولتی ایران ادامه می دهیم. #OpIran 﫥 We Are…