This ship has 16 3s14 vertical launch launchers, which are made to launch Club family, Onyx, and possibly Zircon missiles in the future.
Each launcher in this type of VLS is made of two tubes, each tube can hold four rocket canisters, that is, a total of eight canisters, the weight of each launcher is 17 in the maximum state.
Sarader Hajizadeh’s supplementary explanations about the hypersonic ballistic missile

In general, this vessel is slightly larger than the Soleimani ship in terms of dimensions, its dimensions have not been announced as far as I know, but it should not have a difference in length from its older sister Boyan Em, the length is between 80 and 85 meters (each launcher is eight uksk four meters is approximately long), except for the length of Suleimani, it is bigger than this ship in the rest of the dimensions, water inlet, height of the structure and of course the width.

Each tube of this launcher, which carries four canisters of missiles of any of the mentioned types, each tube has separate armor, separate fire control, each launcher can fire four missiles every ten seconds.
The interesting thing is that each of the canisters in these silos are smaller than the larger canisters installed on the Soleimani ship.

If they want to consider this ship for defense, apart from what it has, they can bring 12 to 16 vertical silos of defense to the ship by removing one of the uksk launchers and placing Redot instead of it (Redot has two types of launcher combinations, Shishtai and Hasthaei), i.e. a total of 8 anti-ship/offensive missiles, 12 or 16 defensive silos for the 9M100 as a quad pack and the 9M96 in the role of mid-range defense, of course, it requires modifications in the mast and radar complex.

This post is only for those who say that Soleimani cannot have 16 defensive silos and of course an offensive vertical launch missile!

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