New video message from Atesh movement coordinator.

Crimean bridge. New goals. New tasks.

Razvozzhaev will get ready

Do you want to be cannon fodder? Not!!

Do you want to participate in an unjust criminal war? Do not want to die for Putin and the oligarchs?

Atesh is waiting for you! There is a chance to do something really good and great.

The coordinator of the movement “Atesh” – the wife of a “mobika” from Crimea, like you, tells the details.

Among the mobilized Russian Army join the underground movement “Atesh”

To break up the Russian army from the inside, to transmit information to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and to raise the white flag when necessary. Many of our brothers before the oath gave us these photos, we are preparing many unpleasant surprises for the Russians.

We remain loyal to Ukraine!

By Treadstone 71

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