Month: October 2022

#Xaknet – #Kremlin Proxy Given Specific Instructions to Hack #Kropyva & #DDoS Telegram

In May of this year, XakNet was directed to attack Kropyva infrastructure and disrupt command and control. Killnet and their minions were recruited to join in: From xaknetTo all DDoSers:…

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Putins Cook Spoiled Food

The leader of PMC "Wagner" Yevgeny Prigozhin accused the elite of the Russian Federation of obstructing the full mobilization - ISW In particular, he criticized the Russian oligarchs and…

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Russian Losses – Air Defense Success – RU Fleet

71,820 occupiers have already been eliminated! Enemy losses during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine: - personnel ‒ about 71,820 (+620) people were liquidated,- tanks ‒ 2,686 (+14) units,- armored combat…

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