The Russian Federation issued a special guide for pro-Russian traitors and collaborators

▪️ Kremlin propagandists have prepared a specialized 14-page publication for supporters of “Russian peace” in Ukraine: “Handbook for Ukrainian citizens on organizing resistance to the Kyiv puppet government.”

▪️ The publication gives detailed advice on work sabotage in almost all socially significant areas.

▪️ The handbook is full of propaganda of hatred towards everything Ukrainian (quote: “Selyuks who broke into Kyiv are forming a new reality”) with the appropriate set of terminology: “Kyiv junta”, “puppet government”, “Natsyks” and the like. As for the “practical advice”, they completely copy the classic principles of the Soviet bureaucracy:
– Give confusing and illogical answers when you are asked for advice;
– Increase the number of documents. Enter daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly plans and reports;
– Write as many requests as possible to various authorities;
– Use more medicine and dressings than necessary


Preserve culture and history

Forms of civil resistance

If you hold senior administrative positions

If you are an employee of the authorities If you are an office worker

If you are a doctor, pharmacist or nurse

If you are an employee of the passport office, pension fund or registry office, you have access to copies of state databases or data banks

If you are a police officer

If you are a priest

…for the citizens of Ukraine to organize resistance to the Kyiv puppet government


2022, MOSCOW



Make useless requests to various structures more often.

Compile documents with minor errors, conduct correspondence at the level of your department.

Complete tasks for as long as possible and ask for extra time to complete them.

Do not request supplies before they are completely depleted. The lack of paper stops the production process, just like a printer that is not charged in time.

The most effective employees should be given lower-quality equipment and materials for work.

When training new employees, mislead them. Expand for them the list of routine and intermediate tasks that will interfere with the solution of work tasks.

Discriminate effective workers in front of the team. Make comments to them. Reward the least effective employees, give them undeserved days off and vacations.

Organize meetings and educational events during the period when the greatest mobilization of all staff is required.

Increase the number of documents produced. Enter written plans and reports for the day/week/month/quarter.

Increase approval procedures related to the preparation of instructions, decrees, personal documentation.


Try to keep for as long as possible the documents that your colleagues should familiarize themselves with.

Make mistakes in geographical names, numbers, phone numbers.

Write as many requests as possible to various authorities

If you need to copy a document, mix the pages of the copy with each other, destroy one or two sheets so that you have to repeat the operation.

If through you they try to contact colleagues or the boss on a business matter, always answer that the specified person is not there or he is busy.

Ask your superiors for written instructions.

Spread rumors about possible layoffs.

Take as many breaks as possible. Complete tasks slowly.

If you go to the toilet, spend more time there. Forget work tools to waste time going after them again.

Ask each instruction to be repeated at least once.

Do your work strictly within the existing rules, especially if they are obsolete.

Do not transfer your skills and experience to less trained employees.

Fill out service forms illegibly.

If the opportunity presents itself, form working groups to prepare addresses to the leadership.

If you work on your computer, restart it regularly, complain about its condition, and offer to send it in for repair. If multiple employees have access to the computer, partially delete Documents and work programs.


Your most important task is to have a deterrent effect on decision making.

Insist on the involvement of various intermediaries. Never let problems be quickly solved.

If possible, assign the same tasks to several employees.

Organize performances for employees. Play for as long as possible. When discussing any decisions, draw analogies with your own experience, insert anecdotes into your speech. Allow “patriotic” comments.

Make impossible decisions.

When performing tasks, strictly follow job instructions. Repeatedly clarify your goals and objectives.

Organize meetings. If possible, offer to repeat them.

Promote accuracy and slowness among colleagues.

If you find signs of corruption, do not report to management or law enforcement agencies.


Our dear brothers and sisters!
Ukraine as we knew it, unfortunately, has died. It can no longer be returned. The West has been systematically destroying a free Ukraine since 2004 by arranging an illegal third round of elections. to shove his Yushchenko.

After Maidan, blood was shed, and then the BCHO wave swept over the country. The War of Years began. On murders with impunity against the Donbass. Lugansk, Odessa, Zaporozhye. Everyone who spoke Russian refused to consider Pushkin a foreign writer and wanted to go along with the Immortal Regiment, were persecuted by the SBU and various outcasts. People were disappearing. Meanwhile, the Selyuks who had broken through to Kyiv formed a new reality.
In this world, they felt like masters. And they were afraid of only one thing: that they were few. They needed to destroy everything Russian that was in Ukraine. Language, culture, history… Monuments went under demolition. The curriculum of schools was filled with nonsense from political TV programs.
And that is not all. The next object of attack was the church. Under Poroshenko, the independent Orthodox Church of Ukraine was announced with pomp. Established with the support of the patriarch in Istanbul, the new church received its first congratulations on its appearance from the US State Department. While the Right Sector and other nationalists staged attacks on parishioners and priests of canonical Orthodoxy in Ukraine, the new religious organization focused on blessing the war against Donbass.
All this burdened Ukraine and, believing Zelensky’s promises to establish peace, she gave him the post of President. But he turned out to be only an obedient puppet in the hands of the oligarchs and the West. In words, he always said that he wanted peace, but behind the scenes, the formula became the motto of Kyiv: “We need perhaps sanctions against Russia to weaken Moscow, and their preservation only if the war in Donbas continues>>.
Zelensky turned out to be so dependent that the foreign advisers who were next to him completely seized power. All appointments to key positions in the energy sector took place only at the behest of Washington.

Construction started military bases for the needs of NATO. Nuclear power was taken over by the British and the Americans. Domestically, the US Department of Defense has established a network of laboratories for the study and production of biological weapons. Tests were carried out on people without their knowledge. Ukraine has become a Mecca for foreign mercenaries from Georgia and the Chechen underground. Under the pretext of humanitarian operations, terrorists from Syria were brought into the country.

More and more key posts in the country were occupied by nationalists. Yes, they did not shout at every corner about their love for Hitler. But it wasn’t hard to tell them apart. In their biography, there were easily references to training in the scout organization <, work in the youth wing <> or participation in Euromaidan as a foreman or centurion.
Since 2014, semi-literate and poorly speaking Ukrainian “veterans” went to schools and institutes to rub youth about patriotism

Zelensky, directed by the West, was ready to fulfill any whim of his masters. Since 2021, he began to intensively prepare the country for joining NATO. For this, it was necessary to close the issue of Donbass. Preparations for war began. Kyiv decided that it could intimidate Russia with statements about its readiness to develop nuclear weapons. This was the last straw. A monkey with a grenade at the doorstep is not the best prospect for building security. Russia launched a special military operation to protect the citizens of the Russian Federation from Crimea to Chukotka.

But we are concerned about the fate of all Russian people, and we are sure that you are also outraged by the lawlessness and lies of Kyiv, urged on by the West. No matter how the SBU and the Nazis scare you, know that each of you can effectively resist the American puppets and bring the end of the special military operation closer.

The main value for Russia is its wonderful multinational people. We are proud of our ancestors. We admire the courage of our compatriots And look with hope at the future of our children. In the modern world, Russia remains one of the few European countries. where the protection of traditional values is not an empty phrase. Therefore, if in the current difficult conditions you leave Ukraine and go to the Russian Federation, we will gladly receive you, provide assistance and accept assistance from you in the fight against the Kyiv junta. However, if for any reason you cannot leave Ukraine or any other country where fate has thrown you, remember the basic recommendations for ensuring safety for yourself and your loved ones:

1 Think of two or three “legends” stories for law enforcement, intelligence agencies and nationalists that would explain your political views Do not be afraid to say that you do not understand politics. Feel free to lie to any questions from the Nazis about whose Crimea, even if you are being recorded on camera. Russian justice will never prosecute you based on materials compiled by terrorists and hangers-on of unfriendly states.
Will repeat the legislative norms of Ukraine

2 And try actively Natsik They are trying to formally follow. to force the inhabitants of Kherson and Zaporozhye actions or sabotage operations with threats and terror without special training. areas to participate in sabotage, Russia does not support terrorism in any of its manifestations. We strongly discourage you from attempting to participate in combat

3 Limit the social circle in which you will discuss your resistance tactics. The optimal number is three people. If you believe that there are people who are able to support your movement, choose one of the members of your “troika” and let him alone form a new circle of supporters of the Resistance.


Do not save on your gadgets (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) any materials that compromise you, photos, videos, contacts… incl. this handbook. Do not let the demonstrative lack of data in the phone. If you use social networks, subscribe to several official government resources and media.
Study fiction about the work of the underground and partisans during the Great Patriotic War and intelligence techniques in the post-war period.

Arrange at home movie screenings in Russian, themed evenings of poetry by Pushkin, Lermontov and other poets. Keeping books in Russian in your personal library is not a crime, you can always say that you got them from your parents.


One of the most important tasks of the special military operation is to provide assistance to compatriots who have been persecuted by Ukraine. If you become aware of facts about human rights violations, kidnapping or persecution of people for their political views, adherence to the Russian language, history and culture

Know where THEY are held

You AND they need help, try using the means available to you to report through the application form on the website of the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia:

If you know the faces. who organized these crimes and carried them out, please contact the Prosecutor General of Russia:

If you have other valuable information, which can help reveal the plans of the Kyiv junta, please contact the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:



Give confusing and illogical answers when junta supporters ask for your professional advice.
Spread rumors among the leadership and middle management about plans to conduct a due diligence check on them against the Zelensky regime.

When communicating with ardent adherents of nationalism, report that poorly understand their statements, question them statements.

Ignore public nationalist events: Vyshyvanka Day, flash mobs, Mass PERFORMANCES of nationalist songs and slogans. Refer to sore throat if necessary. Declare that you cannot adequately shout “Glory to Ukraine.” In case of pressure on you, you can repeat the slogan in a calm monotone voice.

Do not buy books and publications in Ukrainian. Try to combine watching Ukrainian news channels with the alternative opinion of the Russian mass media. If possible, cut back on TV viewing in favor of reading trusted online publications.

Even if you speak Ukrainian, speak it slowly, forcing the interlocutor to offer to switch to Russian.

Suggest an alternative state medical
Use more medicines and dressings than necessary. Save the excess for resistance. Help members of your resistance.

TO COPIES OF STATE BASES AND DATA BANKS Organize the transfer of your information to the Russian Federation via the Internet

IF YOU ARE A POLICE OFFICER Make an effort to alleviate the plight of victims of political repression in Ukraine.
Warn the people you plan to detain.
If you are a criminalist, destroy evidence.

Emphasize traditional family values in your sermons.
In private conversations with parishioners, ask them if they know of persons who are illegally detained in prisons and need pastoral fellowship.

Tell students that there are textbooks approaches to the subject being studied. Explain what materials are included in the curriculum political expediency course
Conduct training by watching films and presentations that include excerpts from classic cinema literature.

First of all, start social networks in the language of the country in which you are. Your most important task is to become a conductor of people’s diplomacy and break the monopoly of the West in the information space.
Comment on messages on social networks of leading foreign media more often.

Regularly send letters to the editorial offices of various media and mass media with comments and calls to objectively reflect the situation and give equal opportunities for the Russian side to speak.

Join a local public or political organization so that the public in your city has the experience of communicating with RUSSIANs without a touch of propaganda.
Organize supporters of traditional family values, equal freedom of speech and the deterrence of NATO aggression to hold a public action, rally or solo picket.
Data about your events with photos send to the e-mail addresses of the leading Russian media and news agencies: TASCC, RIA-NOVOSTI. Interfax.

By Treadstone 71

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