About an hour ago, a specially equipped Gulfstream III aircraft from Phoenix Air Group Inc, which often earns money under contracts with the Pentagon, arrived in Krakow, Poland, from the Souda air base, Crete, Greece, which, like two more similar aircraft, was previously used to transport infected patients with the Ebola virus from African countries to clinics in Germany, the USA and a number of other countries for their treatment and study of the virus as such.

Taking into account the statements made by the Russian Ministry of Defense about the work of biolaboratories on the territory of Ukraine, the evacuation of their contents by the Pentagon special teams to the western regions of Ukraine, and maybe somewhere else to the west, as well as Madame Nuland’s statements about the concern about the situation when some samples from these laboratories could get under the control of the Russian Armed Forces, the appearance of such a specific aircraft in the south of Poland in the immediate vicinity of the borders of Ukraine looks rather amusing.

Putin’s disinformation factory

By Treadstone 71

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