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Many do not understand why the United States killed Qassem Soleimani. We explain it in the following embedded links followed by the content developed by the Quds Special Forces section of the IRGC. An terrorist designated organization.

Explosive projectiles (#EFP) – Soleimani’s Method of Penetrating Armor to Kill and Maim

Part I

“An” explosive projectile “also known as a” shotgun “is a special type of #explosion_expension designed to effectively penetrate armor.  As the name implies, the effect of an explosive charge is to deform a metal plate into a “helix” or “rod” and shoot it at the target. This type of explosive spending was first developed as an “oil well” drill by American oil companies in the 1930s and has since been used as a weapon in #World_War.

Explosive projectiles (#EFP)

Part II

EFPs generally have conical metal covers that create high-velocity post-explosion metal jets capable of penetrating steel armor to great depths.  But over a short distance, the molten material turns into dispersed particles along its path, greatly reducing its effectiveness.

But the “EFP” has a liner plate in the shape of a shallow container that the blasting force turns the liner into any of the different shapes depending on the shape of the plate and how the explosive explodes.  Some advanced EFP warheads have multiple detonators that can be fired in a variety of arrangements that create a variety of waveforms in the explosive, resulting in a long bar penetrator, an aerodynamic secret projectile, or several high-speed pieces.

Picture of how the “EFP” projectile is formed after firing.

Explosive projectiles (#EFP)

Part 3

As a general rule, an “EFP” can pierce a thickness of armor steel equal to its load radius for a copper or iron liner and crack armor steel equal to its load diameter for a tantalum liner, and so on.  That a #expense_good passes through steel six times its diameter or more.

20 A 20-inch EFP throws a 3-kilogram copper rob at Mach 6 or 2,000 meters per second.  (A .50 caliber bullet weighs less than 57 grams and has a muzzle velocity of 900 meters per second.)

Graphic video of how an EFP works and its projectile formation process.

Explosive projectiles (#EFP)

Part 4

In addition to single-penetration EFPs (also called #SEFPs), there are EFP caps whose cover is designed to produce more than one penetrator.

The second category is known as multiple EFP or #MEFP.  The liner of an MEFP generally consists of a number of dimples that intersect at sharp angles.  After the explosion, the liner pieces produce dozens of small, generally spherical projectiles along these intersections, creating a bullet-like effect.

The pattern of MEFP impacts on a target can be well controlled based on the “liner” design and how the explosive charge explodes.

This type of warhead is commonly used in some anti-ship missiles or in some anti-personnel mines and against low-protection vehicles.

Explosive projectiles (#EFP)

Part Five

The effects of traditional explosions such as #explosion_waves and #meal fragments rarely disable armored vehicles, but solid copper penetrators are quite deadly – even for a new generation of mine-resistant vehicles (built for anti-tank mine resistance).  And many tanks.

These bombs are often placed next to obstacles, along roads, in places where cars need to slow down, such as intersections and turns.  This gives the operator time to select the best moment for the firing moment, when the vehicle is moving slower.

Explosion is controlled by cable, radio control, visible vision camera or IR remote control, or remote arming with an inactive infrared sensor or via a standard mobile phone pair.

EFPs can be deployed individually, in pairs, or arrays, depending on the tactical position.

Explosive projectiles (#EFP)

Part Six

Video of testing an “EFP” on thick steel sheet

Explosive projectiles (#EFP)

Part 7

According to the Washington Post, US defense officials revealed in 2015 that EFP bombs killed at least 196 American soldiers and wounded nearly 900 between 2005 and 2011, with a large number of amputations during the war a direct result of EFPs.

Soleimani at the behest of Iranian leadership created EFPs of this type for the specific purpose of killing Americans in Iraq (where Iran controls the government and is the occupier) and Afghanistan. Iranian whitewashing of his past is at the very least, revisionist.

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