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In the name of the universal organization Ahrar, without whose name the letter is completely wrong.

What are we?
We are an elite organization seeking to change the current situation in the world and our mission is to lead the human race and bring it out of the well of darkness and ignorance.
We are universally building a new and superior structure and method of work and education.
We provide a cohesive and unified system and organization, professional, efficient and structured, and a different environment for activity and growth, challenging and flourishing people to discover the true capacities of the human brain and bring the human race to its true status.
We have a duty to challenge human limitations.

What is the problem of the world?
Educational systems and slavery such as the university are imperfect, inefficient and destructive to the mind and talent and creativity, personality and life of individuals, and unfortunately the masses of people by being trapped in these imperfect and limited systems become the proletariat and slaves.  They become capitalism.
Their limited minds and lives, which have been severely poisoned, enter the pre-constructed way and the algebra of education, work, income, and satisfied with this, they forget their origin and become modern slaves of capitalism and their life  Will be spent in vain and will be forgotten.
In a world where schools are the killer of creativity and thought and universities are the slavery apparatus of capitalism, our organization is stepping in to fight slavery systems and save humanity from this absurd process.

What will we do and what is our solution?
We are building and building a modern educational system and a new and humanizing university and completely different to promote human beings in which people’s creativity is nurtured and people will be educated by scientists in our organization and know themselves and the facts and the correct principles and lifestyle and  How to learn to think and with accurate knowledge of their interests and talents and the development of awareness, they begin to learn their favorite sciences correctly, efficiently and attractively, and get acquainted with our organizational culture and policy and graduate to the highest specialized degrees in that field.  Real education and training receive a special degree from the organization and according to their interests, expertise, and goals, they enter one of the departments of the organization with the highest salaries, benefits and facilities, and such a bright future of members will be guaranteed from the beginning.
Also, the work and activity in our departments will be completely different from all companies and organizations, and 100% satisfaction of the staff is our goal, and people in principle with low and useful working hours and doing work to achieve their goals with the above environment.  Extraordinary and modern facilities do what they are most interested in and specialize in, and everyone is involved in building a new world and achieving universal goals and nurturing themselves and others.

Building the infrastructure and architecture of this new and universal education system requires your financial support and investment.  Help us to achieve this important and involved in its construction.

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