Mr. Reisi, with the publication of the pictures of Evin prison, the whole world became aware of your disgrace.  The world has taken your reputation.  You do not need to open the doors of your prisons to visit the world because the world sees what is happening behind closed doors.  Do not buy yourself even though you are not more than that.  Do you know why you can not walk among people without a bodyguard even for a minute?  Because you are not one of the people and you are subconsciously aware of your own honor and conscience.  Because you have not done a single right and humane thing.  Well, now that you have seen what is happening in your prisons, is it not appropriate to bring to justice the perpetrators of torture and these leeches?  In order to accept that they see all your work even in private, do they have to film your bed?

I really do not know what to say to whom to seek refuge,
  My wife and I are both teachers. With a thousand loans and loans, we bought an apartment after 15 years of experience.  Which of us adds 500 and we go to the top of the tower with at least one toman, but now to say that the new head of the Program and Budget Organization has opposed his payment …
O curse and death upon you that you are so low

Preventing the head of government from increasing teachers’ salaries
2 شهریور 1400
More than nine hundred thousand teachers across the country have not been paid since September.
According to the Rouhani government’s agreement with the special actions for teachers and its notification by the Program and Budget Organization, the special actions of the teachers’ job classification plan were to be paid at the rate of at least 21% and at most 27% from the beginning of this year.  Mirkazemi, the new head of the Program and Budget Organization, has opposed the payment.

؟Why?  Why?  And ……. why ???
Corona slows down in Iran Why storm?
The murder of the oppressed will not end until the end. Why?

More than five hundred people are sacrificed every day!
It seems that no one is responsible in Iran, why?

Once again, we fell victim to stubbornness
Why are we really captivated by incurable pain?

Do not salt people’s wounds, we became the first
In Corona, why all this lying and yes sir?

Is there a country that wants a model from you?
Massacre, why these flatteries, brother ?!

Once again, the decision of our officials was a disaster
Why should the helpless nation pay the ransom?

Many young people were killed by Corona due to lack of medicine
Why are those elders and officials happy and proud?

Why did Iran’s wealth become part of foreigners?
Why in Yemen, in Gaza, in Syria, in Lebanon?

New Year said the house rate will be cheaper
It has tripled, now why the price of cement?

Iron beams became more expensive than foreign currency
Iron ore is so worthless

In fact, one hint is enough for the wise
Money became a kilo of carrots Why Peykan price?

We heard the promise of cheap goods and lies
Why the word of the false liars?

Now you realize that we need someone like Ahmad Massoud.  From now on, we should not miss the opportunity.  Let’s throw away Reza Pahlavi and the promises of the United States, Israel, Europe, etc., and strangle Ahmad Massoud, and stand up to overthrow the criminal government of the mullahs and take up arms, because the only way that will get us rid of the mullahs.  : The death of Islam and the elimination of superstitions called the Book of the Qur’an, which is currently the behavior of the Taliban and mullahs line by line from this black book!  So long live: Ahmad Massoud

By Treadstone 71

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