Month: August 2021

Recent Islamic Extremist Chatter

In their own words: The Taliban spokesman said the IS-K, the terrorist outfit that had carried out deadly attacks in Kabul on Thursday, did not pose any threat. "The ISIS members in Afghanistan are Afghans. They have not come from Iraq or Syria but have been influenced by the idea of Daesh (ISIS). Their objectives were to wage a war against the foreign troops and bring in an Islamic government. After the exit of foreign…

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Ghostsec – Rarechems DB

Known Drug marketplace "RareChems" full database Dump here + the previous domain "" is now downed This dump includes info on all the buyers/suppliers, payment information and much much more. RareChems is a known Drug marketplace in collaboration with others also considered the retail store for "Lizard Labs"

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IntelCON2021 ya está aquí! Del 30 de agosto al 3 de septiembre disfruta de la segunda edición del congreso online dedicado a la #Ciberinteligencia organizado por la Comunidad @ginsegDesde Palabra de hacker te animo a seguir este interesante congreso. Yo un año más estaré a los mandos del streaming y presentaré algunos días. ℹ Puedes registrarte de manera gratuita para poder acceder a las ponencias y talleres en directo que se desarrollarán durante toda la semana con grandes…

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