Month: July 2021

New flying machine completed test flight – Klein Vision AirCar

Can I Hack it? The experienced flying car made a 35-minute flight in Slovakia between the international airports in Nitra and Bratislava. The AirCar hybrid aircraft is powered by a BMW engine and runs on regular gasoline fuel.  AirCar transforms from car to plane in 2 minutes 15 seconds.  It was created by Prof Stefan Klein.  The developer claims that the flying car is capable of flying about 1000 km at an altitude of 2500…

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HUNTER Reconnaissance and strike UAV – UAVHELI Design Bureau “Unmanned Helicopters”

The Flying "Yellow Submarine" It is intended for search and destruction of armored vehicles, enemy manpower, as well as low-speed air targets under countermeasures.It can be used in almost any weather conditions, carrying out automatic take-off / landing. Armament:Remote-controlled machine gun 7.62 mm for 550 roundsTwo launchers for 8 NAR16 anti-tank aerial bombs of 2.5 kg caliberBKO:Radar missile defense stationRadiation warning stationBarrier radarLTCGyro-stabilized optoelectronic systemSighting complexSix all-round camerasUAV return systems based on the underlying surface…

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