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The United States faces persistent and increasingly sophisticated malicious cyber campaigns that threaten the public sector, the private sector, and ultimately the American people’s security and privacy. President Biden’s new program is ambitious and of great value to the cyber security industry. Companies are salivating over the $200B opportunity on top of the existing spend.


In light of the SolarWinds debacle, Biden is taking action to fix the problems. But there is an issue that many refuse to discuss. There are problems with how the cyber security companies sell and to whom. #ФСБ

NOTE: This is a brief overview of the problem that requires deeper research and disclosure.
SentinelOne has added former CISA director Christopher Krebs to its advisory board.

Companies like Tenable, Palo Alto, Anomali, Cisco, FireEye, Crowdstrike, Radware, Microsoft, IBM, and dozens of others are targeting sales to grab a piece of the pie. Biden’s program asks for:

  • Partnering with the private sector
  • Private sector must build and operate secure products

In the end, the trust we place in our digital infrastructure should be proportional to how trustworthy and transparent that infrastructure is, and to the consequences we will incur if that trust is misplaced. …prevention, detection, assessment, and remediation of cyber incidents is a top priority and essential to national and economic security.


There is a pressing need to implement more rigorous and predictable mechanisms for ensuring that products function securely, and as intended. The security and integrity of “critical software” — software that performs functions critical to trust (such as affording or requiring elevated system privileges or direct access to networking and computing resources) — is a particular concern. Accordingly, the Federal Government must take action to rapidly improve the security and integrity of the software supply chain, with a priority on addressing critical software.

Why then do we sell cyber security and threat intelligence technology to our enemies?

(a) The Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the Attorney General, shall establish the Cyber Safety Review Board (Board), pursuant to section 871 of the Homeland Security Act of 2002 (6 U.S.C. 451).

Trade Guide – US Sanctions on Russia

Timeline of Russian Hacks (last 10 years)

(b) The Board shall review and assess, with respect to significant cyber incidents (as defined under Presidential Policy Directive 41 of July 26, 2016 (United States Cyber Incident Coordination) (PPD 41)) affecting FCEB Information Systems or non-Federal systems, threat activity, vulnerabilities, mitigation activities, and agency responses.

Would we sell an F-35 to Russia?

The opportunities are endless for those who win contracts and add to existing contracts to the US government. Lucrative and company-making contracts selling the same cyber security solutions that today, result in an inability to prevent hacking and breaches.

The leaders of the cyber security companies have posted many comments on Biden’s new program for its correct direction lauding the merits of the effort. At the same time, they sell directly to our enemies. Let us take a look at Tiger Optics in Russia (tiger-optics.ru).

The company Tiger Optics was founded in 2011 and is a specialized distributor of innovative solutions in the field of cyber security. Their CEO is a graduate of Georgia Tech in the United States.

We help companies mitigate information technology risks and protect data across the entire enterprise infrastructure — from the data center to the endpoints — workstations, remote offices, and mobile devices.

Would we sell the AMRAAM-ER to Russia?

During its work, Tiger Optics together with partners for the first time brought to the markets of Russia and the CIS such brands as Tenable, Palo Alto Networks, Anomali, Illusive Networks, Cymulate, Senetas, ID Quantique, VMware AirWatch, BlackBerry (Good Technology and WatchDox) and others.

Tiger Optics operates throughout the Russian-speaking Eastern Europe and Central Asia, providing sales and technical support through a network of authorized partners.

The basics of the company

Tiger Optics Information:

Tiger Optics conducts rigorous analysis and testing of solutions, and only works with manufacturers who understand the immediate needs of customers and create appropriate solutions. Therefore, the products we offer are the innovation leaders in the information security market.

Tiger Optics is a specialized distributor of cybersecurity solutions. The company was founded in 2011 in the Russian Federation and has representative offices in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Uzbekistan.

End customers of Tiger Optics are more than 500 companies from Russia and the CIS, including Sberbank of Russia, VTB Bank, Gazprombank, KPMG, X5, Magnit, Mail.ru Group, Kaspersky Lab, Group-IB, EPAM, Severstal, Rosneft, etc.

Our partners include global cybersecurity leaders including Palo Alto Networks, Tenable (Nessus), SentinelOne, Anomali, Illusive Networks, Radware, BlackBerry and others.

Employees of Tiger Optics in their work directly interact with the largest vendors, system integrators and customers. The knowledge, experience and contacts gained allow us to develop a personal brand in the labor market and move up the career ladder, growing inside the company or continuing a career in major international vendors such as Cisco, Check Point Software Technologies, Fortinet, Acronis, EPAM and Group-IB.

Сильченко Никита Алексеевич (ИНН 323407521846)

The functioning of the company is based on four principles:

  • Portfolio of relevant solutions, careful selection of the best vendors
  • Highest standards of customer service in the industry
  • High competence and constant development of employees
  • Support and protection of partners – re-sellers and system integrators

Company policy

Фиды Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds теперь интегрированы с платформой Anomali Threat Platform. Благодаря новому партнерскому соглашению организации могут использовать постоянно обновляемый, контекстуальный и практический анализ угроз от Лаборатории Касперского, чтобы обогащать свои знания о глобальном ландшафте угроз

Our standard is objectivity and professionalism. We strive to be a strategic partner of the customer, who is contacted not only for the purchase of a product, but also for advice and consultation. We strive to clearly formulate the goals and objectives of the client, and only then proceed to the selection of optimal solutions for their implementation.

Our main values are customers and employees. All conditions for professional growth and development are provided for employees in the company. Participation in annual training, training and certification programs was organized, affecting both technical qualifications and leadership qualities and the ability to effectively communicate information.

ITAR Compliance

Leading innovative products are our advantage. We do not supply “raw” solutions, as well as outdated products promoted under the guise of new “fashionable” technologies. We are proud to work with the leaders in the information security market.

Timeline of Russian Assassinations (including Soviet)

Gazprom on the OFAC list

Tiger Optics sells directly to Russian organizations directly tied to Vladimir Putin. Direct ties to Putin mean at a minimum, ties to the FSB, SVR, and GRU. Clients such as Gazprom, Gazprom Bank, Rosneft, Lukoil, Sberbank, SURGUTNEFTEGAS, and VTB Bank as well as other financial services and Russian critical infrastructure organizations.


Tiger Optics Blogs and Partner Information. Companies who sell to Russia:

Anomaly Silverfort
Outpost SpyCloud
BlueCat Networks Tenable
Cyber Sixgill Teramind
Cymulate Anti-phishing
Guardicore For partners
Illusive Networks Success story
Palo Alto Networks Events
Risk Based Security Reviews
RiskIQ IB practice
SecBI Press releases

Other Russian re-sellers of Western technologies:

  • softline.ru
  • platformix.ru
  • tiger-optics.ru
  • croc.ru
  • axoft.ru (/vendors)
  • 1c.ru
  • ivanti.com
  • merlion.com/
  • rrc.ru

The owners of Tiger-Optics:

  • Artemieva Maria Nikolaevna
  • Silchenko Nikita Alekseevich
Tiger Optics
INN: 7714828829
OGRN : 1117746043293
Date of creation: 26.01.2011
Russia, 125124, Moscow, st. Pravdy, 8, bldg. 13, entrance number 3, 5th floor

Art. m.Belorusskaya or Savelovskaya

See on the map: https://yandex.ru/maps/-/CBBgbAaz9B

Tel./fax: +7 499 504 1670

Address for shipments by Russian Post

125124, Moscow, Pravdy street, building 8, building 13, office 522 floor 5. Tiger Optics LLC.

Kazakhstan and Central Asia

Kazakhstan, 050012, Almaty, st. Muratbaeva, 180 (corner of Dzhambul street)

Hermes business center, floor 6, office 606

Look on the map: https://yandex.ru/maps/-/CBBg6LHepD

Email: sales_ca@tiger-optics.ru

Tel./fax: +7 727 344 3042


Should we sell our cyber security and threat intelligence products and services to adversaries?

Selling our hardware and software to our enemies makes no sense. Economics aside (the only apparent reason to sell to Russia and China), the only possible reason could be operational control and backdoors. But the backdoor game is old and Russia will look for and find the backdoors. When they are found, they will be fed with false information for misdirection at the very least.
When you sell the same cyber defense and protection technologies to the enemy that are installed in US corporate and critical infrastructure environments, what outcome do you expect?
The next time your cyber security vendors claim they have solved a problem such as SolarWinds, take the claim with a grain of salt. The arsonist calling in the fire is hardly a defensible position. When you sell to the enemy, the enemy will reverse engineer everything you provide. What is the purpose of selling to Russia?

Next time you prepare an RFP for cyber security or threat intelligence products and services, we suggest you ask these required questions:

1. Have you sold products and services either directly or indirectly to countries considered to be enemies (Russia, China, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Belarus, etc.) of the US?

2. Are you now selling products or services through re-sellers in enemy countries?

2a. If yes to number 2, do all your employees know you are selling to enemy countries?

SVR attack on the US

You realize that many of the cyber security and threat intelligence firms employ former US military, former intelligence community, and those who still hold TS-SCI/SBI clearances and work in those environments. You also know that the same companies who sell to Putin’s Russia sell to US three letter agencies, US Military and to critical infrastructure organizations. How do we rectify this?

The same cyber and threat intelligence technologies and services in use to defend your organization and the critical infrastructure of the US is being used to block US cyber attacks directed against Russia and China. The technology is used in cyber defense, analysis, data feeds, intelligence feeds, risk analysis and governance, network infrastructure, and pretty much anything you can think of that exists in the realm of computing.

Would Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon sell aircraft and missile systems to Russia expecting to pit US pilots and personnel in the US against their own products? What do we call such actions based on our Constitution and Laws?

When we in the West buy the same software and install the same technologies as our adversaries, can you expect the software to be safe? Could it be you are buying compromised software buy design? Is it any wonder we cannot defend ourselves when it comes to information technology?

Тайгер Оптикс, дистрибьютор инновационных решений по кибербезопасности, приглашает опытного менеджера по продажам, с перспективой роста до директора представительства.

В портфеле компании – Palo Alto Networks (лидер NGFW), SentinelOne (новый лидер среди антивирусов и EDR), Tenable и Nessus (лидер в сканировании уязвимостей), Radware (лидер в Anti-DDoS) и другие топ-решения, многие их которых уже используются в компаниях Беларуси.


Личные и партнерские продажи лидирующих решений кибербезопасности в сегменте крупного и среднего бизнеса (от 500 сотрудников)

Поддержание лояльности существующих заказчиков и партнеров, установление отношений с новыми ЛПР

Квалификация входящих запросов, генерация новых проектов и потребностей в заказчиках совместно с командой BDM и пресейлов

Ведение переговоров, успешное закрытие проектов

Выполнение плана по объему продаж и по марже

Следование процессу продажи, ведение CRM, отчетность

Сверхзадача – построение успешной региональной команды, лидера среди ИБ-дистрибьюторов. Возможность создать представительство “с нуля” и возглавить его


Опыт успешной работы на аналогичной позиции не менее 3 лет (личные продажи решений ИБ, системный софт, сеть, проектные продажи от $50.000 и выше)

Наличие установленных отношений с ЛПР в целевых заказчиках и партнерах

Приветствуется знание ИТ/ИБ и умение вести диалог по задачам и решениям (Solution Sales)

Условия работы:

Белые оклад и бонусы, оформление в соответствии с законодательством РБ

Позитивное руководство и коллеги, без лишней бюрократии

Работа с топ-заказчиками, вендорами и партнерами

Качественное ДМС со стоматологией

Компенсация на английский язык, спортзал или аналогичную активность

Обучение и участие в конференциях за счет компании

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