Month: January 2021

Qassem Soleimani

Al-Nakhalah: Hajj Qassem personally supervised and managed the passage of missiles and visited more than one country to convince them to do so. Al-Nakhalah: The martyr Soleimani visited Sudan personally and ran a clear agreement to be a station to transport weapons to Gaza. Al-Nakhalah: Hajj Qassem visited the late Dr. Ramadan Shallah while he was in a coma at least 4 or 5 times. Al-Nakhalah: Hajj Qassem used to spend more than an hour…

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Russia’s propaganda campaign

Internal media is a tool for advancing Russia's war This tool is very familiar and important. Russia's propaganda campaign has always been domestically motivated and has been successful in recent years. According to many experts, they are mostly good old efforts and tools that are still in use. Government-sponsored news outlets, including Russia's Rashatodi and Sputnik, report on domestic and foreign news and information from their government's sovereign perspective, and serve as a platform for…

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