Investigation of the angles of the bullets fired by the attackers using the available images from the scene of Fakhrizadeh’s assassination

A three-dimensional model of Fakhrizadeh’s assassination scene that examines the possibilities of different firing angles.
According to the analysis, the main target of the attackers was probably the driver, and the bullets were fired from one angle

1- At the turn of Imam Boulevard, Nissan was parked unmanned and equipped with an automatic machine gun; Just below the power transformer. Explosives are also embedded in Nissan.

On the other side of the boulevard, a Santa Fe car with 4 passengers was waiting. In addition, 4 motorcyclists and two snipers.

2- “Escort 1” car passes. The doctor’s car fires an automatic machine gun as he turns around with his wife. Three bullets hit Dr. Fakhrizadeh in the arms and legs.

The “Escort 2” car arrives. Hamed Asghari gets off, throws himself at the doctor and is shot four times. Suddenly, the Nissan explodes by remote detonation. Santa Fe passengers and motorcyclists fire at the same time; 12 people at the same time. The protection team is under fire.

3. None of the terrorists are arrested or killed

4- The injured are taken to Absard clinic. But the clinic is without electricity! The electricity in the area was cut off half an hour ago and all the cameras were off. And no movie was recorded.

5. The helicopter comes but cannot land on the boulevard due to the explosion of transformers and power cables on the boulevard. The injured have to be brought to the end of the boulevard in Al-Ghadir Park to board a helicopter. The doctor ends up in Baqiyatallah Hospital.

1- A 12-member operational team needs at least 50 people. How did a “terrorist group” operate in the capital with all the equipment.

2- Assassination on a holiday, and at the location of the subject’s villa during a vacation with the family, that is, complete control over the exact time and place of transit and even the family program.

Placing an explosion vehicle equipped with an automatic machine gun and waiting for the 12 attackers, i.e., the subject, in a complete intelligence tour.

3- It has several protection rings. And the protector is its last ring. When the intelligence rings are broken, the guard has no choice but to “surrender” to the bullet.

By Treadstone 71

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