aahack is back آهک_تیم آهک

Active in past years, the Lime team was again able to successfully hack and exposephoto_2018-08-25_06-53-10 a vast network of covert military activities of the IRGC and the clerical government of Iran, exposing their lies and collusion to the oppressed people of Iran and the international community. Numerous documents and confidential contracts of Ohu Parvaz Ma Do Nafar Company and other companies affiliated with the IRGC and the clerical government are available here to inform the Iranian people.

aahack.pngThese documents prove that the Iranian government and the IRGC have shamelessly lied to the international community about their interference and involvement in attacks on Saudi oil facilities that could have led to a major regional or global war. We, the Lime team, will continue our tireless efforts to expose embezzlement and their crimes against the honorable people of Iran.


این تنها صفحه ی رسمی #آهک در اینستاگرام می باشد!

Archive from 2017





Dear compatriots and lovers of the homeland

In the continuation of our nationwide protests against the unhealthy situation of the country and the government’s failure to address government corruption and the growing problems of society, we, the lime team, limed the site of Sazgan Engineering Company to support the IRGC and cooperate with this filthy and anti-people organization. The company ostensibly designs and manufactures telecommunications and radio equipment, but behind the scenes supports the IRGC’s arbitrary goals, which are against the wishes of the Iranian people. We have already warned that we will lime any company that cooperates with the IRGC. Now all the files of this company are encrypted and at our disposal, and in order to recover them, the communication equipment has to pay a high price. We will continue to hack such companies

We will not sit idly by until our demands are met

We live to not rest, we know that our comfort is our lack