Month: May 2020

Iran hacks of Georgian Hotels Lab Dookhtegan

We are exposing here one of the most shameless activities by “Ansar Group”, hacking and security team: disgusting activity against our own compatriots even outside of Iran! Iranian tourists travel to Georgia a lot since it is close, there are a lot of Persian concerts and is very cheap.The Ansar Group hacks the hotels in this country, follows our compatriots and steals their personal information for its own purposes. We are exposing here 4 slides…

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ANDRAX: Mobile Pentest Platform

NetHunterApril 29, 2020 ANDRAX is the first full-fledged mobile penetration testing platform developed for android. - "Why the first, because for a long time there is kali NetHunter ?!" Well, because kali nethunter is much less optimized relative to andrax, also andrax already has all the necessary programs and most programming languages are supported, while in NetHunter you need to reinstall everything in separate packages. Features: can be installed on any Android phone (version 5.0+).…

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