The official catalog of the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Republic of Iran about the migrant drone 6 and some of its features

In our region, Iran and Turkey offer very diverse UAV products. According to the request of the members of the channel to compare Turkish UAVs with Iran, we will summarize one of the most comparable products of these two countries, namely Bayrakdar tb2 UAV and Mohajer 6 UAV. Both drones use the Austrian Rotax 912 engine, which produces about 100 horsepower. Bayrakdar has a wing span of 12 meters and Mohajer 6 has a wing span of 10 meters. Both drones are in the same weight range, with a maximum payload of 630 for the Bayrakdar and 600 kg for the migrant. The two drones are available 24 hours a day for tb2 and 12 hours for the migrant 6 (migratory continuity is probably based on the official Catalog of the Ministry of Defense). The reason for this difference is the more efficient and better aerodynamic design of Bayrakdar
Both drones are armed with guided weapons, the TB2 carries about 55kg and the migrant carries 45kg. The range of direct radio communication with the center is 150 km and 200 km.

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