ESET’s criminal cooperation with the repugnant Islamic Republic #Lab_Dookhtegan

ESET sells its antivirus products to the evil Islamic Republic.

However, the company is well aware that its products are being used against the Iranian people. While other companies have stopped cooperating with this foul regime (NOT SANS, Cisco, Vmware, EC-Council who continue to sell to Iran), ESET recently unveiled an anti-espionage ability to protect the interests of the regime’s mullahs. The following documents clearly show the cooperation of ESET with the Islamic Republic of Iran. We will fight with those who help this ruthless government. From here on out, we urge the children of Iran to continue sending their information for disclosure.

ESET knows they will be used against the Iranian pepole. other companies stopped cooperating with this despicable regime, and ESET exposed spy abilities in order to keep interest of ayatollah regime. In the documents you can see clearly cooperation of ESET and the despicable regime.
We fight against people helping this futile regime. From here we call natives of Iran to continue send us information to expose.

ESET’s claim that it is not selling its antivirus to vicious Iranian regime is completely lie! they are hiding their criminal cooperation with Iranian evil regime that violates compatriots human rights and are selling their disgusting products.they and foreigners are responsible for their activities and we revenge them!

Now it is very clear that ESET’s selfish activity like expose DePriMon malware in Iran making regime more stronger for suppressing innocent people like the group OilRig of Iranian ministry of intelligence tried to do. this betraying regime is not defending our people but we know how defend ourselves, we continue expose evil people like them. we ask our compatriots continue to send us information for exposing.

شرکت شما ESET بدون هیچ تردیدی با رژیم ملعون جمهوری اسلامی و بر علیه هموطنان و سرکوب آنها همکاری میکند. شما به جای قبول مسولیت در مورد فعالیتتان که با هر گونه وجدان و قوانین بین المللی منافات دارد، با گستاخی تمام دروغ گفته و FAKE RESELLERS را مقصر میدانید! ما در اینجا قسمتی از شرکتهایی که در ایران محصولاتتان را میفروشند منتشر میکنیم. این امر اهداف شوم و دروغ بیشرمانه تان را افشا میکند.
شرم کنید و از همکاری با این رژیم دست بکشید، به افشای فعالیتهایتان، حقه ها و ترفندهایتان ادامه داده و انتقام خواهیم گرفت.
You, ESET, definitely cooperate with evil Iranian regime against our compatriots, you definitely lie, you blame fake resellers and not take responsibility for activities against humans and international laws!
Here is part of companies in Iran that sell your ESET products so we prove your vicious thinking and lies. SHAME on you and stop your vicious activities, we will expose you and your method of cheating, and will revenge you.