Call for Private Meeting with Iranian Professionals and Entrepreneurs Residing in Australia

Australia Summit

February 8-10, 2020 February
19, 20 and 21 February 1398

Introducing Cooperation Program with Iranian Professionals and Entrepreneurs Abroad

Outreach Program for Iranian Professionals and Entrepreneurs Abroad ( for the purpose of creating a mechanism to benefit from the valuable knowledge and experiences of Iranian researchers and professionals abroad through programs such as postdoctoral, study opportunities, professors Invited and appointed, the establishment of the Technology Company, a specialized lecture and workshop, and a specialized project to replace the military service with a focus on brain rotation modeling have been designed and implemented. The target audience includes PhD graduates from the world’s top universities, professors at the world’s top universities, and specialists and entrepreneurs active in science and technology or foreign technology companies.
The program has been able to establish a bridge between Iranian specialists and scientists abroad over the past 5 years with more than 5 internally selected science and technology centers (universities, research, technology parks and knowledge-based companies) in as little time as possible (3 business days). Introduce them to existing capacities in various fields of science and technology and also define how to collaborate with the aforementioned centers prior to the arrival of Iranian specialists and scientists in order to provide the conditions for transferring new skills, methods and service capabilities to the country.

Australian Meeting Schedule
  • The Vice President of Science and Technology intends to take advantage of the capacity of Iranian students, professors, researchers and professionals residing in Australia to attend a series of meetings attended by the Honorable Mr. Ghalehvi, Head of the International Science and Technology Interaction Center There will also be a gathering of entrepreneurs within the country on the following dates.

Melbourne- 8 February 2020
Sydney- 9 February 2020
Brisbane- 10 February 2020


  • Trading specialists, researchers and Iranian students in Australia with plans and programs of Department of Science and Technology report the latest situation in the country in specialized fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology, ICT, medical devices and introduce the entrepreneurial ecosystem of networking and communication experts, scholars and students in Iran definition Short-term and long-term joint projects


  • Since 2008, a series of meetings aimed at communicating with Iranian professionals and entrepreneurs abroad and introducing the capabilities of short-term and long-term cooperation in science and technology in the US, Austria (Tech-gate building), Switzerland (EPFL University) , Germany (TU Berlin University and RWH Aachen University), Italy (Polytechnic Milan University), Sweden (KTH University and Chalmers University), Norway (NTNU University) and Finland (Alto University).

Registration Form
  • You are invited to sign up through one of these meetings if you would like to participate (without having to pay). It should be noted that after registering the applicants, they will be sent an official email to attend the meeting. Please inform this event to your Iranian friends and colleagues. For more information on the Partner Program with Iranian Professionals and Entrepreneurs Abroad, please visit