The Basij Cyber Battalions are working to counter enemy attacks in cyberspace (Names and cadre for some of the Basij Resistance areas around Tehran)

گردان‌های سایبری بسیج برای مقابله با هجمه دشمنان در فضای مجازی فعالیت می‌کنند

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Commander of West Azeri Martyrs Corps said the activities of Basij groups in the form of cyberattacks have been planned and implemented to counter enemy attacks in cyberspace.

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At a meeting of the Council of Public Culture of West Azerbaijan on Wednesday, Commander Habib Shahsavari added:

“The members of these battalions have been involved in a complex cyber war against the enemies and have considerable activity and have left many scars on the enemies of the sacred system of the Islamic Republic.”

He emphasized on the effectiveness of #IRGC activities in cyberspace:

Virtual razor blades with positive and negative effects that should be used to promote positive impact worldwide.


The commander of the West Azeri Martyrs Corps, pointing out that most of the cyber space is in the hands of the enemies of Islam, stated:

“We must equip ourselves against them with their tools and take advantage of all capacities in this regard.”

Shahsavari declared the situation and cultural activities in West Azerbaijan to be acceptable in comparison with the ideal of Islamic society and in comparison with other provinces and said:

“Monitoring and controlling music concerts in this province is necessary.”

Referring to the need to install signs with valuable content on the roads and entrances of the city of Urmia, he said,

“Managers of relevant departments can take appropriate measures to promote religious culture.”

The meeting approved the acceleration of the launch of the National Information Network as demanded by the Azerbaijani Council of Public Culture of West Azerbaijan.


These five transitions included the Bahman School, the Three Gonbad, the Jami Mosque, the campus of the University of Urmia, and the village of Ade, whose decision was postponed to the next meeting.

Below are a few of the names and cadre for some of the Basij Resistance areas around Tehran (names, phone numbers, email, etc.)

Basij Resistance Force in Chahar Tehran

Basij Resistance Forces in Tehran – Quds Basij – Area 5

Hamid Seyyed al-Shohada’s District 9

Jamaran Basij Resistance Area

Martyr Mofteh Basij Resistance Area

Sixth District Basij Area of Resistance Tehran