Saleh Group

گروه صالحین 16،000،000
2 تخلیه تمام ایمیل ها 1،000،000 2،000،000 4،000،000 8،000،000
3 تخلیه اطلاعات سیستم ها (هر 100 سیستم) 2،000،000 4،000،000 6،000،000 8،000،000
4 تخلیه اطلاعات پرتال ها (هر 1 پرتال) 1،000،000 2،000،000 4،000،000 8،000،000
5 به روز رسانی اطلاعات در هر ماه 1،000،000 2،000،000 3،000،000 4،000،000
6 نگهداری دسترسی در 3 ماه اول (بابت هر ماه) 500،000 1،000،000 1،500،000 2،000،000
7 نگهداری دسترسی در 3 ماه دوم (بابت هر ماه) 1،000،000 1،500،000 2،000،000 2،500،000
8 نگهداری دسترسی در 3 ماه سوم (بابت هر ماه) 1،500،000 2،000،000 2،500،000 3،000،000
9 نگهداری دسترسی در بیش از 9 ماه (بابت هر ماه) 2،000،000 2،500،000 3،000،000 3،500،000
مبالغ به تومان نوشته شده اند continue exposing the activities of the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and, this time, the activities of Salehin Group and a document titled “The proposal for how to calculate projects expenses”. We draw your attention to how this Intelligence Ministry’s officers, these seeds of impurity, are wasting money for their vicious projects. These projects are for accessing and stealing people’s personal information, while the Iranian people are getting more miserable and poor under this regime. Curse on you! We will not give up! And we will come even with you, you the evil! We will expose with full force the evil face of the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic and will continue proudly uprooting these wild grass. We thank all those friends who send us information and fight with us, side by side, against this bustard Intelligence Ministry, and we ask for your financial support for exposing the nasty face of the Islamic Republic and taking revenge against this brutal regime which has been suppressing our noble Iranian people.


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Saleh Group Form of calculation method of remuneration

By Treadstone 71

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