Month: September 2019

Analysis: What prompted Iran’s massive attack on Saudi oil industry? – Israel National News

What's behind the massive attack by Iranian-backed forces on Saudi Arabia's oil industry? Yochanan Visser, 16/09/19 12:38 Another important event which will hasten the coming of the Shi’ite messiah is…

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Nazir Radar Deployed in Iranian Mountain Areas

Completing the #Iranian air defense cover of the eastern part of the country with a 200 km radar deployment "Nazeer" راداری نذیر Army Air Defense Force Commander: All steps in…

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Attack on Saudi oil facilities now said to be from cruise missiles and 20 UAVs (video -satellite images)

Yemeni spokesman: With 3 UAVs, we targeted Saudi Aramco. The UAVs targeted the Aramco Company in the east of Saudi Arabia with four UAVs.This operation is precise and is called…

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