#Yemen #Houthi rebels take a significant number of prisoners in major operstion. Nasr Man Allah. Videos and Pictures. نصر من الله

Accordimg to Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman Yahya al-Saria, massive operations in Najran in southern Saudi Arabia

The operation was announced by Nasr Mann Allah. The number of casualties and their death toll in al-Hadidah operations is very high and difficult to count.
Six full brigades were destroyed by the invading forces, and hundreds of armored vehicles and armored vehicles were captured during this major operation.

Thousands of enemy forces, especially large numbers of commanders, officers and soldiers of the Saudi army, have been taken into custody in Operation Nasrallah.

Some sources have published 2000 captives and others have published 5,000 to 7,000 Saudi captives

Yemeni Armed Forces: ‘Nasr Manullah’ operation in Najran: Saudi troops captured
We carried out Operation Nasr Manullah in Najran, during which we captured a number of Saudi troops.

Nasr Man Allah’s military operations are the largest step-by-step operation against enemy forces since the invasion began a few months ago.

The Armed Forces Specialist Brigades were involved in supporting the operation in the Najran axis, with missiles, UAVs and air defense units.


fter the surrender of thousands of enemy forces, our forces secured the captives against enemy air strikes. The number of enemy prisoners is so high that it is difficult to count them.

In this operation, three enemy brigades were completely destroyed and large quantities of weapons, including hundreds of military vehicles and armored vehicles, were captured.

During the operation, hundreds of square kilometers were liberated on the Najran axis. My