Bypassing Security Mechanisms #Iranian Training

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Bypass security mechanisms (Antivirus – Sandbox)
To sign up for the “Bypass Security (Antivirus – Sandbox)” course, you can get a 10-person discount so every student in the 10-person group can pay up to $ 220,000 tuition. to participate.
New course “Bypassing Security Mechanisms (Antivirus – Document Box)”

Course headings:

Introduction and introduction to the course

Information about the structure of antivirus products (Antivirus Internals)
How antivirus works against malicious code
Design a simple malware sample to perform laboratory tests
Def Pass-through Microsoft Defender product security mechanisms – Kaspersky – Comodo – ESET – Trend Micro – McAfee – Symantec
Powershell code protection against detection by anti-malware products
Secure VBA codes against detection by anti-malware products
Secure .NET code. Against detection by anti-malware products (proprietary methods)
Secure malicious code against detection by IDS systems and firewalls
Proper use of Crypter tools.
Crossing the Mechanisms Based on Machine Learning and Behavior (Artificial Intelligence) Anti-Malware Products
Crossing the mechanisms of products called sandboxes (sandbox)
Preventing malware analysis by human resources (counter-engineering)
6 hours online training
Price 2 million
If you are a member of a group of ten and twenty thousand USD