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What really happened in Semnan?Donald Trump Releases Nahid with a very high-quality, close-up photo of Semnan and announces Nahid explosion wishes Iran success in discovering why Nahid has claimed that the US has nothing to do with reports of a failed Iranian satellite launch.
The release of such a detailed image from #satellites has now been questioned by US national security circles as to why such a secret image, recorded by US spy satellites, has been released by Trump.
Several US media outlets have cited some of the former security officials as “confidential”, with the Pentagon and US officials not responding to the issue so far, but a Pentagon official confirmed in an interview with CNBC. Mr Trump’s tweet was among the documents he received on Friday.
Patrick Edington, a former member of the CIA who was analyzing satellite images, told Reuters that a photo released by Donald Trump was classified and recorded by the US “spy satellite”.
Pointing out that Mr Trump has the power to de-classified documents, Patrick Eddington has said that if the move was merely aimed at showing “our highly advanced space capabilities, our enemies would certainly welcome it.”
On Sunday, however, a White House spokesman said: “Under the law, the President of the United States has the right to change the classification of documents and to make a confidential document a normal one.”
After the Trump tweet, however, Iran’s communications minister said: “There has been no explosion and Nahid is doing well.”
Attempts to launch satellites in Iran in the past have also been flawed, and this was not an unusual occurrence; for another example of unsuccessful launches in the past, just a few months ago in January, the launch of Iran’s satellite message failed.
Ottawa University professor and former defense analyst who specializes in Iranian issues, Thomas Jounau, told the Independent: The United States is likely to be involved in some or all of Iran’s failed launch.
But Trump’s tweet was in many ways inappropriate, he added. Morally, I don’t think it would be appropriate for the President of the United States to rid himself of enemies like Iran. The United States must behave like a great power in charge. Instead, when Trump behaves like an aggressive child, it actually hurts America. It is also unclear exactly where that image came from, but we can see what is probably a photographer’s shadow and show that someone took a satellite image before Trump tweeted it.
Meanwhile, Iranian officials have stated that no incident has occurred in Semnan. Minister of Information and Communication Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi wrote on his Twitter: “Many have been searching for our satellite. He also tweeted a video of Nahid 1 from an Iranian channel, whose timing is unclear.
Iran’s denial of the incident also does not provide enough evidence. Iranian authorities are promoting their satellite program as a sign of patriotism and national pride, and acknowledging the failure of these programs is not easy, especially if such failures occur due to US intervention.
In fact, we should not wait for more information from the Iranian authorities and media to better understand what really happened in Semnan, but also to wait for other photos of Trump to be able to understand what is really going on in Semnan.

Satellite image of # Iran Space Agency launch platform in Semnan.

Analyze the exact timing of the US satellite imaging of the launch site Semnan, using the calculated sunlight visible in the satellite image.

Calculating and analyzing the status of spy satellites and imaging according to the precise time analyzed; and detecting USA spy satellites over #Semnan

The spy satellite is said to be based on the KH11 platform although it could be the KH12.Azari Jahromi

The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Saturday quoted Jahromi as saying that “Venus One” is in good condition and is undergoing final tests to be handed over to the Ministry of Defense for launch.

Azeri Jahromi: Venus satellite is here / If Americans have a quality image, show the exact location of our rocket to their drone!

Azeri Jahromi said: “I have no idea about the Americans and the discussion of the Semnan Space Base, and I think the Secretary of Defense in charge of this area will comment on it.” The satellite must be delivered to the MOD three weeks before launch to complete the cycles. This is certainly not the case for the launch of the Venus satellite, and the launcher has not been refueled for three weeks.

After releasing images of Nahid Satellite explosion and destruction, Minister of Communications invited reporters and photographers to visit Nahid Saturn in Space Research on Saturday morning, a visit that was held this morning in the presence of Azeri Jahromi. Foreign media reports say that at least the Nahid Satellite satellite is safe and has not yet been transmitted to the satellite.

Shortly after foreign media reported Iran’s imminent missile test and possible launch of a satellite rocket, some other media outlets claimed that the experiment had failed to release the images. And the ambassador’s missile has exploded – something that would have happened if Venus had been destroyed. The news was reinforced when Donald Trump tweeted the ambassador’s missile blast, describing it as a catastrophic accident and wrote, “I wish Iran the best of luck in finding the reason for what happened on the site.”

Hours after the news came, Iran’s Minister of Communications, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, denied on Twitter: “I reached Chabxar. I checked the phone and saw that many people were searching for our satellite. There is apparently news that the third attempt to deploy the satellite has failed. Honestly, she’s fine. Now in the independent lab. Reporters can also comment on his visit. ”

Azeri Jahromi: Venus Satellite Is Here / If the Americans Have a Quality Image Show the Exact Location of Our Rockets on their UAVs!

Hours after the tweet, preparations were made for reporters to visit the Nahid satellite, which is based at the Space Research Institute. As soon as the satellite was visited, the communications minister took a selfie with the image and said good morning to US President Donald Trump.

Azeri Jahromi told reporters about the Nahid satellite; he said: “I have no idea about the US and the Semnan Space Base discussion and I think the Secretary of Defense in charge of this area will comment.” The satellite must be delivered to the MOD three weeks before launch to complete the cycles. This is certainly not the case for the launch of the Venus satellite, and the launcher has not been refueled for three weeks.

“What we could see today is that the Venus satellite is here, not yet delivered, and the final stages of delivery are in progress,” he said.Donald Trump had said that we had no involvement in the explosion that claimed to have taken place at the Semnan Space Base, but I am interested in being an Iranian if you did not participate in the explosion of the allegation that you published the images, sure of the rape You have our waters. Our armed forces shot down your drones. This is for sure.

“If you are interested in images of this quality, publish your own drone snapshots to extract the exact location of the crash, which is a positive step to clear public opinion.”

“The main purposes of this satellite are telecommunications,” said the minister of communications on Nahid Satellite. Of course, the sensor is also mounted on it and can be placed in a 2-km orbit for two and a half months.

“We’re looking at doing the missions by putting the satellite in a 2-kilometer orbit,” he said of other Nahid missions, such as the technology of opening and closing satellite solar cells for the first time on an Iranian satellite. After completing these steps by generating a large number of these satellites we will be able to have a set of communication satellites for the Leo layer to meet our data needs.

“The satellite is ready, the device tests and satellite compatibility tests are over, and we will deliver the satellite as soon as the Ministry of Defense announces it,” the minister said.

مقایسه تصویر شبیه سازی شده از ماهواره ی جاسوسی USA 224 باتوجه به موقعیت مداری و زمان با تصویر ماهواره ای از سکوی پرتاب #سمنان که #ترامپ دیروز توئیت کرده است.