The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps tested a new missile.

Reuters reported that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was testing a new rocket on Saturday.Maj. Gen. Hussein Salami, the new commander of the Revolutionary Guards and the 9th Corps, announced the test of a new missile.

Salami claimed that “we have very accurate missiles that we have kept hidden so far.”

About a month ago, some US media quoted Iranian officials as saying Iranian missile tests.

It was said at the time that “Iran tested a mid-range ballistic missile, the Shahab-3, with a range of approximately 2 kilometers” late Wednesday.

“Intelligence assessments indicate that Iran is trying to improve the range and accuracy of its missiles,” a US official said, noting that the missile tested by the Islamic Republic of Iran was “not a threat to US ships or bases in the region.”

In response, an “informed source at the headquarters of the Iranian Armed Forces” called the new missile test “natural” and “in the range of Iranian missile need” and said, “Iran’s missile tests are in the area of defensive need. And if necessary.

The unnamed source told the Iranian Armed Forces General Staff that the Islamic Republic of Iran does not need authorization from any power in the world to defend itself and that defense is the inherent responsibility of the sovereignty and the armed forces. The Islamic Republic knows. “

A few days before this missile test, Israel announced that it had successfully tested an Arrow-3 air defense system (Arrow-3) in Alaska.

Reuters reported on Sunday, August 6, that the Israeli Defense Ministry has announced that it has tested the Arrow-3 as a “defense system against ballistic missiles under test in Iran and Syria”.

Also a few days ago, Iran unveiled a “Long Range and High Altitude” missile defense system.

Iranian media described the system as “one of the most advanced and unique defense systems in the country” and “Russia’s failure to comply with the contract to sell the S-8 defense system” motivated such a system.

US President Donald Trump plans to limit Iran’s missile program as well as its support for Shiite militias in the Middle East by withdrawing from Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers and restoring economic sanctions against Tehran.

However, Iran continues to insist that its missile program is not negotiable.

UN Security Council Resolution 5 calls on Iran to refrain from operating and testing ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads for eight years.

Missile tests by Iran are in the midst of continuing tensions in the Persian Gulf between Iran and some Western and Arab nations, and the international community has expressed concern over the safety of shipping in the Strait of Hormuz.

However, the commander-in-chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Mashhad said in this regard: “The security of the Persian Gulf is within the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the enemies will not be able to harm this security.”

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