Drua’ AlWaaqiah LilBedoon – Cyber Intelligence Brief from Treadstone 71

To assist in the setup of the factory, Kasser enlisted the assistance of the Shahin Brothers company out of Aleppo to procure parts and machinery from Germany. A used textile machinery Trutzschler complete Blowroom line seems to have been purchased through Shahin as well as other parts. Acquisition of the materials such as the clothing cones, various types of cloth, acrylic fiber, rapeseed oil, carbon black, iron oxide, and UHMWPE from various vendors around the world (Vietnam, South Africa, Pakistan, Germany, India, and China) through distributed channels makes it very difficult to track.

Part I – Iranian Site Hack plus months of instruction on how to hack taken from Western sources

Iranians amongst others learn from the West using our tools, techniques, tactics methods in unique ways against us. We continue to provide for this education while suffering the impacts of the cyber attacks.

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