Month: March 2019

Tapandegan @tapandegan Striking Again? May 30 2019

Tapandegan strikes? Parastoo

Offsec Conference 2019

Third Conference on Modern Achievements of Cyber and Offensive Attacks in IranThe 3rd conference from Offsec (Offensive Security - / / offsecmag) Offsec held the one-day conference on…

Iranian Blogger Musings and Opinions

Israeli Private Companies and Their Alignment to Israeli Intelligence #Question If the relationship between Israeli Private Companies and Israeli Intelligence is so close, and if they are so dependent on…

The Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Drone Intercept (along with the #Muddywater hack on the F-35 in Turkey)

Hypo-Hack or actual. Either way, they did it. Iranian UAV theft of the Lockheed Martin RQ-170

Are we the colony of China? So thinks Alireza Shaban Ghahrood #Iran #Guri hack and new Russian weaponry

For a few days, apparently, a virus that works in exactly the same way as Stuxnet has infiltrated the 12,000-megawatt Guri hydroelectric power plant PLCs (Venezuela) and has opened up…

خائنان Iranians Turning in Iranians موسسه محاسبات هوشمند رانا – All to preserve the ‘values’ of the Revolution

Trust is not an option- Lies and deceit in Iran

Cyber Intelligence Collection Managers Course

Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Manager's Course Course syllabus and content proprietary to Treadstone 71 For questions on the course, contract Treadstone 71 at osint AT treadstone71 DOT com All who…

Cyber War and Iranian Cyber Army -In the name of Ashrar- An article by Ashrar team

TREADSTONE 71 The following is taken directly from the Ashrar Team Ashrar Official Channel @ASHRARoffical: *Author: eblis shar Thanks to the cooperation of Jen|mr.PHoeniX|@HungryBrain|@Deruw This article presents a number of…