Month: December 2018

National Critical Intelligence Estimate – Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Professor of Practice, UAS – Cybersecurity Randall K. Nichols, DTM, Kansas State University Polytechnic, Salina KS Executive Summary C-UAS Overview Key Indicators Political US Legislation Economic Military Summary Open Source References Executive Summary UAS technology is a rapidly growing and dynamic industry US aerospace and privacy laws have been slow to address the developments in this industry There is a domestic and military need for the ability to prevent UAS intrusion AND the ability to…

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National Critical Intelligence Estimate – KSU

The New Silk Road Impact To The United States John Hood – Team Leader Jay Shay – XO Jordan McDonald Candice Carter Randall Mai Approved by: Prof Randall Nichols Background: Building the Belt and Road  Overland Silk Route Risk Assessment  Maritime Silk Route Risk Assessment  Chinese Military Buildup to Support New Silk Road  UAS/UAV Involvement in the New Silk Road  US Involvement in the New Silk Road  Risk Assessments,…

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Cyber Intelligence Training 2019

CYBER INTELLIGENCE TRAINING Online Course Registration open now - 2019 Course Dates - Locations  Jan 14-18 Cyber Intelligence - Amsterdam, NL March 4-8 Cyber Intelligence - Reston, VA March 11-15 Cyber CounterIntelligence - Reston, VA April 29-May 3 Cyber Intelligence - Hoboken, NJ

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