2018 Cyber Intelligence – Cyber CounterIntelligence Training HOLIDAY2018 Discounts available through December 8

Why Treadstone 71:

January 8-12 Cyber Intelligence- Amsterdam, NL
February 5-9 Cyber Intelligence- Reston, VA
March 19-23 Cyber Intelligence- Columbia, Maryland
April 9-13 Cyber Intelligence- London, UK
April 30 – May 3 Cyber Intelligence – Los Angeles California
May 14-18 Cyber Intelligence- San Jose, CA
June 18-22 Cyber Intelligence- Annapolis Junction, Maryland
Aug 13-17 Cyber Intelligence- Reston, VA
Sep 17-21 – Cyber Intelligence- Boston, MA
Oct 15-19 Cyber Counter Intelligence – Reston, VA
Nov 5-9 Cyber Intelligence- Denver, CO
Dec 3-7 Cyber Counter Intelligence – Columbia, Maryland

ENTER HOLIDAY2018 during registration as a Coupon Code for Black Friday Discounts of Lowest Price Ever!! 2460Euro 2200GBP 2900USD Price – Available for 15 days. (Offer ends December 8 – Limited Seats available at this price)

– T71 has been teaching this course going for 9 years building a common body of knowledge ( and capability maturity model for cyber intel )

– We follow intelligence community standards such as those taught at the Sherman Kent School

– All courses include case studies taken directly from today’s adversarial campaigns

– All intelligence community standards are applied to cyber threat intelligence

– T71 teaches both public and private courses

– T71 also has supported multiple companies from the US, AU, and EU build their cyber threat intelligence strategies, hiring, and programs

– T71 has assisted multiple companies to select and implement threat intelligence platforms

– We apply what we have learned in our client engagements

(Benefits list – Take the course)

– Your instructor is not cemented in forensics – we are intel

– T71 is active in adversary platform performing targeted research that uses and validates the methods taught in the classroom

– Students attending T71 classes not only absorb classroom instruction, but they serve a 1-week apprenticeship using the concepts, TTPs, and methods taught in the class in hands-on case studies

– T71 courses result in 40 CPEs and an industry-validated certification providing the foundational aspects to execute cyber intelligence collection and analysis while preparing for the next phase of cyber threat intelligence operations

– You know it is the right thing to do since no one else is solely focused on applied teaching methods where the student walks away feeling a certain level of skill and accomplishment.

– Although contrary to course licensing and legal requirements, many ‘threat intel and research intel’ commercial firms are using the Treadstone 71 course content and methodology in their programs, services, and even in their threat intelligence platforms


See T71 Intel Training to Register for early discounts

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