Month: January 2015

Cyber Security 2015 – Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day

2015 is nearly three week young and I am afraid we are going to see more of the same exposures as we did in 2014. Not much has changed in organizations. They are fundamentally following the same tactics and techniques to ‘defend’ against adversaries as they have for the past several years. The CISO still reports to the CIO in most organizations seeing security still as a technical issue. CISOs battle the CIO quietly trying…

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Social Networking Intelligence Services – High Value Targets

Social network targeting, data collection, production, analysis and reporting is very much center stage at Treadstone 71.  Intelligence of any type must be applied if it is to be useful, and it needs to be actionable. In most cases, this implies that the intelligence has to be transmitted, communicated, shared and delivered with clear recommendations and opportunities to the client. Treadstone 71 integrates counterintelligence and cyber counterintelligence as extracted and analyzed from social networking and…

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