Month: July 2013

Jihad – On the Command of Jihad Against the Non-Believers

The second in the series on the Salafi view of Jihad. This edition is especially chilling as it covers the following Chapters: Jihad - On the Command of Jihad Against the Non-Believers - Treadstone 71 (large file - 76MB - PDF) Chapter 1: On the Command of Jihad Against the Non Believers and its Mandate, And the Stern Warning against those who do not practice Jihad Chapter 2: The Virtues of Jihad and Mujahideen Chapter 3:…

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Who Spoofed Inspire 11

The State Department's Arabic outreach team spoofed an al-Qaeda video. Who spoofed Inspire11? Download it and read it. Quite funny.

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Have Generations in the US Forgotten the Concepts of Honor and Integrity?

Growing up the concepts of honor and integrity were core to the family. Anything short of absolute truth and respect was not allowed. It was literally beaten into us as a foundation of being a man. Under no circumstances were we to lie, break our word, cheat, steal or demonstrate disrespect to our parents. The penalties were stiff and swift. The memories of those penalties, long lasting. I have never had to look up a…

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